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Top 11 News Anchor Salary In India 2021 (MUST KNOW)

Through this article, we are sharing with you the Top 11 Highest paid news Anchor Salary in India in 2021.

Are you know?? that India is a very vast country. In the vast country, there was also a very good anchor which leaves her mark in the news industry.

Right, I am saying about India’s best news anchor.

So, in this post, we are covering the Top 11 News Anchor Salary in India in 2020.

The anchor was a person who presents the news during the news program on the television i.e who present the daily news via television.

The anchor was the most important person on the news channel. The way of defining the content or news to people could differ.

If the anchor was good and the skill of defining the content is great then the news channel becomes popular and popular.

Similarly, if the skills of the anchor were not too then the channel becomes less popular.

So, every news channel wants a good news anchor to present the news to the people via television without asking about the expected salary.

When you watch a news channel, you saw the anchor like Sudhir Chaudhary of zeenews, Anjali om Kashyap of aajtak, and many others.

But you often think about how much salary that these Top highest new anchors take from these news channels……

So, we are here to give the answer to that question??

Yes, I am going to tells you about the Top News Anchor of India.

Top 11 News Anchor Salary In India

So,1st in our list non other than….

#1 Sudhir Chaudhary


Comes to no. 1 on our list was Sudhir Chaudhary.

Sudhir Chaudhary, I do not need to tell who is this?? But if you don’t know then, Sudhir Chaudhary was the zee news top anchor.

The expected salary of Sudhir Chaudhary was 25 Lakh/month.

News anchor sudhir salary may vary but it should be around that.

  • Sudhir Chaudhary news anchor was associated with zeenews from 1993.
  • He was associated with the beginning of the operation of zeenews.
  • From the beginning, Sudhir has covered the 2001 Indian parliament attack and the Kargil war.
  • After spending two years in zeenews, he resigns their job and joins Sahara Samay by the Sahara group.
  • In this, he learned many things and then he again resigned the job.
  • After resigning two jobs, he joined IndiaTV and works more than a year and leave it and joined Live India.
  • In 2012, he rejoined Zeenews and occupied an editor-in-chief role.
  • Now, in Zeenews he was hosted a no.1 show DNA(Daily News Analysis).

#2 Anjali om Kashyap

  • Anjali om Kashyap was born 12 June 1975 in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand.
  • She did her schooling from Loreto Convent School, Ranchi.
  • She wants to become a doctor and she appears no. on the pre-medical admission test but she didn’t crack any of it.
  • She was appeared in various exams but not get any results from it.
  • After that, she did a diploma from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. And by the grace of God, she got the first job as an anchor in Doordarshan.
  • After she did a job in many news industries but the job in aajtak makes him popular.
  • In Aajtak, currently, she was doing a job as a debate and news reporter.

Anjali Om Kashyap expected salary was around 18 Lakhs/month.

#3 Ravish Kumar

  • 3rd in our list was Ravish Kumar. Ravish was a very popular journalist in India. He was known because of its voice.
  • Actually, he presents the news in her local language i.e Bihar. He presented news in Bihar’s voice as he belonged from Bihar.
  • Right now, he was managing editor of NDTV India, which is the national news channel with its headquarter in New Delhi.
  • With NDTV, he hosted various programs named as Ravish ki report, Hum log, and Prime Time.
  • Ravish Kumar was born on 5 December 1974 in Jitvarpur village in motihari, Bihar.
  • He did his schooling at Loyola High School, Patana. 
  • He did BA, MA M.Phil. nd post-graduation of diploma in Journalism from IIMC (Indian Institute Of Mass Communication).

Ravish Kumar’s monthly salary was approx 25 Lakhs Rupees.

#4 Arnab Goswami


Arnab called as no.1 anchor in Asia After getting  Asia television Award.

He was famous for asking a question without the use of the script.

  • He belonged to a political and army family.
  •   After completing his education he got his first job in The telegraph as a Journalist.
  • But he didn’t like the job and within the period of 1 year, he left the job and move further for the more likely job.
  • And he got a job in NDTV where he achor in daily cast news.
  • After a lot of hard work and passion, he gots jobs in Times Now where he was doing as editor-in-staff.

But Arnab wants to open his own News channel and in 2017 he did it.

  • Arnab was born in the city of Asam Guwahati to Brahmin Family.
  • His father Manoranjan Goswami was retired Cornel.

Arnab Goswami’s monthly salary was approx 1 crore rupees.

#5 Brakha Dutt

  • Brakha Dutt was the second lady in our list as a top journalist of India in 2020.
  • She was known after reported about the Kargil war of 1999.
  • The Kargil war changes the life of Barkha and the popularity of Barkha increases fastly.
  • She has done a job with NDTV for 21 years and then she left the job for exploring new opportunities.
  • After this, she joined Tirangaa TV where she hosts a prime time show, Democracy live.
  • Actually, Brakha Dutt was born on 18 December 1971, in New Delhi.
  • Her father was an Air India Official by profession and her mother was also a Journalist.
  • She did his mastering in Journalism from Columbia University, New York.

Barkha’s Dutt monthly salary was approx 45 Lakhs rupees.

#6 Rajdeep Sardesai


Rajdeep Sardesai was an Indian news journalist and author.

  • Right Now, Rajdeep was a consulting editor at Indian Today Group and host of a Headlines Today as prime show.
  • From childhood he wants to become his own boss.

So, making this true, he left the job and starts his own channel named CNN-IBN as GBN i.e Global Broadcast News with the collaboration with American giant CNN.

  • Rajdeep Sardesai was born on 24 May 1965, in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • He completed his schooling from Campion School and completed his schooling from St. Xavier’s College, Oxford.

Rajdeep Sardesai’s monthly salary was approx 80 Lakhs rupees.

#7 Sweta Singh


Sweta was our 7th in the list of the top anchors of India.

  • She was born on 21 August 1977 in Patna, Bihar.

Sweta Singh’s monthly salary was approx 9 Lakhs Rupees.

  • At present, Sweta was an executive editor of Aaj Tak.

Earlier, she was anchor when she gets a job in Aaj Tak.

  • From childhood, Sweta was very good in education.
  • Sweta did her schooling from Patna, Bihar, and collage from Patna University.

#8 Rajat Sharma


Rajat Sharma was born on 18 February 1957 in Delhi, India.

Rajat Sharma’s monthly salary was approx 25 Lakhs Rupees.

  • As when we open the news, often we saw the news bulletin called “Aap ki Adalat”.
  • Yes, Right now, Rajat Sharma was editor-in-staff of Aap ki Adalat and chairman of IndiaTV.
  • He was known for his different attitude towards the other.
  • He used to ask such questions whose answer is not able to define by everyone.

#9 Deepak Chaurasia

Deepak was not too popular earlier,but in 2020,the popularity was increases rapidly.

As,Right now,he was deputy chief editor and anchor of News nation.

Deepak Chaurasia’s monthly salary was approx 9 Lakhs Rupees.

  • He was born on 28 December 1968,Indore,Madhya Pradesh.
  • From childhood,he was very good in education.
  • And collage from Indian Institue of Mass Communication as a diploma.
  • He gets first job as anchor in aajtak and then he joined DD News in 2003.
  • And then he joined star news which was now a Abp news.

#10 Sumit Awasthi


Sumit Awasthi was Top anchor of India with having 20 years of experience in journalism.

 Sumit Awasthi’s monthly salary was approx 6 Lakhs Rupees.

Right now,Sumit Awasthi was editor in staff in in News 18 India.

  •  Earlier when he was new in the field of journalism  he got a job as a news writer In NavBharat Time, Jansatta, Pioneer. 
  •  He was born In city of Uttar Pradesh,Budh Nagar.
  •    He  done his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya Indore.
  • And did college from Holkar Science College from where  he done his graduation in science.

#11 Abhisar Sharma


Abhishek Sharma was also comes in the list of Top Highest paid news Anchor Salary.

He was born on 13 August 1972New Delhi India. 

Right now she was an anchor and editor in staff in ABP News where he was having a ground reportage.

 Abhisar  Sharma monthly salary was approx 15 lakh rupees.

  •  Abhisar Sharma did his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya and Tagore Garden for complete his graduation in science he also done Mass Communication  from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan.
  •  From childhood he was very good in study.
  •  He also writes many books like The eyes of Predator in 2010  and many other books/ novels.

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