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Mr & Mrs Chaudhary NetWorth, Age, Income, House and more

Mr & Mrs Chaudhary is a youtube channel created in Sept 2013 by Vivek Chaudhary and Khushi Punjaban. Basically, the channel is related to the vlogs. It has around 42 Lakhs+ subscribers.

You know the past background and biography of Mr. and Mrs. Chaudhary.

Don’t worry!!

In this Today’s post, we are going to share the full detailed information related to Mr & Mrs Chaudhary’s NetWorth, Age, Income, House, and more

Mr & Mrs Chaudhary Wiki / Biography


Mr and Mrs Chaudhary is a youtube channel related to daily routine vlogs. The vlogs are run by the two famous persons Vivek Chaudhary and Khushi Punjaban.

Khushi Punjaban previously got famed through the reels and banned platform TikTok.So, after she converted their audience to the platform youtube. Both did very hard work in the past but our eyes can’t see the efforts, but only the growth.

Do you know how much money was earned by Mr & Mrs. Chaudhary??

No problem, below we have provided this information.

NameMrs and Mrs Chaudhary
Channel typedaily vlogs
Run ByVivek Chaudhary
Khushi Punjaban
Created on12 September 2013
Active since9 September 2019
Currently LivingMumbai

What does Mr & Mrs Chaudhary mean?

So, Mr Chaudhary means Vivek Chaudhary who is a YouTuber and model and Mrs. Chaudhary means the wife of Mr Chaudhary i.e Khushi Punjaban.

Mr ChaudharyVivek Chaudhary
Mrs ChaudharyKhushi Punjaban

Mr & Mrs. Chaudhary’s Net Worth and Income

Now, let’s talk about the networth.

As we recently know that Vivek and Khushi (Mr & Mrs Chaudhary) start their youtube journey on 9th September 2019. From that day they don’t earn money because there is a criterion for earning money from youtube and these criteria may change over the years.

So, after the 3 months from the date of uploading the first video, they start earning money from this channel.


Now the question is the networth of Khushi Punjaban and Vivek Chaudhary?

What is the net worth of Mr & Mrs. Chaudhary??

So, the networth of Mr & Mrs Chaudhary is around $7.10 Million, but the actual networth is not perfectly known. The net worth is calculated through various parameters.

Net Worth$7.10 million

Mr & Mrs. Chaudhary Earning

However, all the Youtuber is silent about earnings. They do not tell about the earnings from youtube and this is all against the rules of Youtube terms and conditions. that’s why no one tells about their earing directly.

The earning of youtube is depend upon how many ads are served on the videos and the CPC of the ads, niche. So, the role of the subscriber is only to watch when the video is published.

The rate of the revenue per thousand views for the vlogs channel is around $4-$10 only. So if one video of this channel got 1 lakhs view and multiply by 30 which is around 3 million views. And the earning is $1000-$1500 only from Adsense and they also charge some money from sponsorship. In conclusion, the total monthly earnings from youtube are around $3000-$4500.

Now the question is How much does Mr & Mrs. Chaudhary earn?

So, the earnings of Mr & Mrs Chaudhary are $3000-$4500.This is the combined earnings from all the sources through youtube.

Monthly earning$3000-$4500

Mr & Mrs Chaudhary Contact Number

Wanted to contact these two?? Don’t worry we will available details in this module.

Right now, there was no option through which you can contact him. One medium is available but it is not easy.

The only option is direct DM to his Instagram account.

Sorry, there is no other option than to contact her.

Phone Number
Official contact number
Official AddressNew , India

Mr & Mrs Chaudhary Instagram

The Instagram account of both is khushi.vvekchoudhary with around 25.5K+ followers.

Instagram accountkhushi.vvekchoudhary
followers25.5K+ followers

Commonly asked questions related to Mr & Mrs Chaudhary

Who is Mr & Mrs Chaudhary?

Mr & Mrs Chaudhary is a youtube channel run by Vivek Chaudhary and Khushi Punjaban. It has around 42Lakhs subscribers.

What does Vivek Chaudhary do?

Vivek Chaudhary is a social media personality and a YouTuber.He is born on 08 July 1993.


This article highlights the biography life story of the “Mr & Mrs. Chaudhary“.She gained popularity through tiktok and Instagram. In this article, we have covered all the things regarding Mr & Mrs Chaudhary’s NetWorth, Age, Income, House, and more

If you noticed any mistake in this article then you can report it here. I will correct it.

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